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doctor who elite community

it's a big ball of wibbly, wobbly, timey, wimey stuff

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doctor who elite community.
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You have found your way to elitetardis an elite community for the amazing tv show Doctor Who. We all know that it's outstanding and never fails to get extraordinary cast to play the roles. So have fun here!

01. In order to participate you must apply in the application post and follow the rules there.
02. You are welcome watch the community to see what is going on as well as taking part in voting.
03. Once you have been accepted you will get an invite to be a member of the community.
04. You can participate in any challenge and post up to three icons.
05. You have to tag your posts with your username and what challenge it is.
06. enjoy yourselves!

last about a week but could last longer depending on how many entries we have, voting will last a couple of days, while the next challenge is posted as well.

apply. promote. layout. profile.

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